Help for Alabama

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As you've probably noticed, one of my best friends in the whole world lives in Tuscaloosa. You can read about her experiences these past few days here. Now that she is in a safe place, I feel like it's time I should be helping out other folks in the area.

Here are some ways you can help.

CBS42 has a list of ways to donate water, non-perishable food items, clothing, etc., for people who are within driving distance. has more ways for people who are in the region to help.

If you want to volunteer, call the United Way at 211.

[info]alephz took the time to put together a list of ways to donate money. I'm c/ping that here.

You can donate to the Alabama Red Cross. Or even the regular Red Cross. There's also the Salvation Army and the Alabama Governer's Emergency Relief Fund

There is also a link to many ways you can help here:

Stuff to send to Alabama.

A couple things you should know: They are looking most for money, bottled water, and non-perishable food items, flashlights, batteries, hand sanitizer, as well as gift cards to stores like Wal-Mart, Lowes, and other big chain stores that are located in the area.

Anyone who sends me confirmation of a donation of $10 or more (you can send me a photo of a text confirmation if you do the text to the Red Cross or Salvation Army thing) will get a black and white drawing of a single figure (person, animal or thing). If you send $50 or more, I will draw 2-3 figures for you. You could have a usericon like my usericon, for only $10!


My Writing Meme Responses

Tagged by karnythia, I wrote:

None of their bed time stories prepared them for fairies wielding machine guns and an evil witch out to save the world. Daydream and Hopeful Ensler had been raised by well-meaning hippies who had never told them any fairy-tales to begin with, but they were pretty sure none of their friends had ever been told about Tinkerbell cutting someone in half with bullets.

So when the little flitting thing burst through their bedroom door with a machine-gun just her size, Day and Hope did nothing but screech; identical sounds, though they weren’t identical twins. The covers pulled up over their heads had held off many an under-the-bed threat, but those had been imaginary; this little pixie-thing was very, very real.

Smashing across their dresser, bullet-holes in the wall, the fairy spun around, clearly looking for an exit.

“Open the fucking door!” She hissed at Day, who shook and burrowed himself even further under his rainbow quilt. Hope, on the other hand, kept a little more of her calm, and though her hands shook, she managed to get the window open just in time.

The fairy zipped over there, snarled at Hope, and took off through the window. They could hear her miniature gun-sounds hitting almost everything in sight even as she disappeared into darkness.

Just behind her came the witch; beautiful and somehow old at the same time, with tattoos covering her skin that moved and shifted. She stood in their doorway and let out a cry that was one voice, and two voices, both at the same time. Her black hair moved like snakes on her head and her eyes were very green.

“Oh,” she said, as if surprised by the little boy and girl staring at her from their respective beds. “Oh,” she said again. She took a step. “She went out the window?”

Her voice was scratchy and somehow the whole room smelled like green things, like grass when they pushed their noses into it but a little bit like the compost pile out back, too. Hope nodded, nose wrinkling against the smell.

“Good.” The witch smiled, and turned to leave.

After a moment, she stopped and looked back.

“I’m sorry about your parents,” She said, and then she was gone. They heard the front door open and close, and then absolutely no sound at all.

Daydream pushed off his blanket and turned to Hopeful with wide eyes.

“… what do you think happened to our parents?”

The sound of machine gun fire started up again somewhere in the woods outside their house.

Writing Meme


1. Pick three people.

2. Come up with an opening line for a story, a single sentence. There is no rule as to how long the sentence is or what its subject is.

3. List your tagged people; those people will then write a short story, fiction or non-fiction, using that line as the opener.

4. The story must be at least 100 words, but no more than 700. The opening line does not count when you are counting word number.

5. Those who write, leave the short story as a comment to the livejournal entry tagging you.

6. Once you have posted it, pick three people off of your own flist and make your own lj entry with a new opening line of your choosing. Feel free to also post the story you wrote when you were tagged or a link to the entry or whatever.

7. Those three people leave stories as comments in your lj entry, and then make their own. And thus it expands from there.

You do not have to be tagged to participate if you like the opening line and want to write though; have at it! The more writing, the better.

I tag karnythia, alephz, and quizzicalsphinx.

The opening line:

The coffee was nowhere near spectacular, but at least it was piping hot and dark enough to advertise its caffeine content.

ETA: I clarified the rules a little bit.